Monday, March 22, 2010

Wait, is this spring?

Kansas City welcomed the vernal equinox with 6 inches of wet, heavy snow.

Fortunately, it'll be mostly melted and out of the way today, but I couldn't help taking a few pictures while it was here.  This one is our two recently completed raised beds buried in snow.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Green Winter

While many of my fellow Midwesterners have been huddled away inside during this hard winter, I've been getting a sneak peek of spring!

Through the Juniper Gardens Farm Business Development Program, I've been given space in KCCUA's greenhouse to start transplants.  My spring started in late January.  :)

Here's a shot of this year's first round of tomatoes...big and healthy!  We're trying a different method of starting transplants: soil blocking.  Instead of plastic inserts, we use a fancy tool to shape the soil into cubes.  This prevents a problem called root circling...I like it because it reduces our need for plastic.  Regardless, the litmus test is the quality of the transplants, and they're looking good so far!